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Eliminating returned mail 'key to business success'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Eliminating returned mail is essential for firms that rely heavily on direct marketing campaigns, it has been stressed.

According to, increasing address data accuracy is vital in achieving this.

The publication went on to say that direct mailing is increasingly becoming more expensive and postal rates have risen by an average of 11.7 per cent in the past year.

In addition, the organisation emphasized that continuing to ship to bad addresses is a waste of money, but pointed out that affordable solutions able capture addresses and compare them to a mailing list can prevent this from happening.

The site added that technology able to scan addresses off envelopes, convert them into editable text and compile 'do not send' lists is a great help to companies looking to eliminate returned mail.

Earlier this month, claimed that bulk business mailing provides many benefits, including lower postal rates and ensuring that a company reaches the target audience it is most interested in.