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Email address list 'must be accurate'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Firms that are planning to launch an email marketing strategy have been urged to check the quality of their address list.

According to Chris Charlton of GlobalSpec, good address management can stop emails from bouncing or being sent to an inbox that is full, BtoB reports.

As a result, more messages are likely to reach their intended recipient, which could potentially lead to a conversion.

"Check hard bounces and try to fix or update the email address, or remove them from your mailing list," Ms Charlton commented.

Businesses were advised that email can be a very good way of engaging with customers, as it is easily measurable and cost-effective.

However, Ms Charlton said the success of a campaign can also depend on whether firms can present a strong offering and are sending out relevant messages.

She added that the "beauty" of email marketing is that issues can be identified and therefore addressed. For instance, she stated that a firm can change its approach if lots of people start unsubscribing from its mailing list.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler