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Email address verification software 'helps generate better leads'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers should take advantage of email address verification software to enhance their chances of success with customers, it has been suggested.

Using Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI) of Massachusetts, Target Marketing Magazine has drawn attention to the numerous benefits of the service, with the tool helping to generate better quality leads.

Rose Cahill, SBLI's vice president of marketing, explained to the news provider that the need for the company to successfully capture an email address was vital to its success.

Having employed address verification software on its forms, SBLI claims that it managed to secure a number of "better quality" customer leads.

"We invest a lot of time and money into working leads and moving the client through the underwriting process. We netted the customers who are truly interested in purchasing life insurance," Ms Cahill said.

DMNews recently suggested that marketers who are able to personalize their communications with customers are more likely to witness success.

Research conducted by e-Dialog found that in excess of half of US and UK consumers would be more receptive to mailings that were personalized and targeted.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler