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Email address verification software would help make campaigns more personalized

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers who are able to personalize their email communications with customers are more likely to see success, it has been suggested.

According to DMNews, recent research, conducted by email service provider e-Dialog, has found that in excess of half of US and UK consumers would be more receptive to mailings that were personalized and targeted.

The study shows that 64 per cent of consumers want marketers to know the types of products they like, 54 per cent want them to know whether the consumer is a new or returning customer and 36 per cent want marketers to know their shopping habits.

Andrea Orvis, group director of strategic services for e-Dialog, claims that companies need to view email as a method of building long and lasting relationships.

"Because consumers have clearly indicated that they will reward marketers for personalized, preference-driven messages with their engagement, e-mail marketers need to capture information that allows them to get to know their subscribers better," she adds.

Marketing Week recently suggested that organizations that use email to communicate with customers should ensure that the accuracy of their address data is high.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler