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Email archiving important for data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email archiving has become a burdensome yet vital part of any company's data management operations, according to Symantec.

The IT security specialist says that with email now the preferred method of communication within a company and between the firm and the consumer, proper storage of emails is vital for business records.

However, the sheer volume of emails now passing through companies puts a significant strain on data management.

An accessible archiving system can take the pressure off the IT department and allow employees to search for their own emails, while an efficient one can save firms considerable time costs.

There is also a financial benefit to using an archiving system; As storage needs continue to grow, Symantec suggests that archiving allows firms to maintain "predictable" storage costs that are not driven by volumes. 

According to research from Gartner, use of virtualized cloud networks for email management will be in use by ten per cent of firms by 2014.

Posted by Richard Jones