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Email campaigns need engaging messages, contact data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive

A large portion of the global population now has access to email, and more than likely, many of their inboxes have at least a few marketing emails that they ignore or immediately delete. This is something that email marketers must combat by writing engaging content that is appropriately addressed to a consumer who will be interested in the enclosed offer.

According to MediaPost contributor and copywriter Cynthia Edwards, there is a short time between when an email is opened and when a recipient decides whether it is worth reading through and acting upon - between five and 20 seconds.

To overcome the impatience that consumers have with emailed marketing messages, she notes that the content has to be "crisp" and to the point. It should make an impression almost immediately and should be easily scanned for the vital details.

"Writing for email is both a science and an art," Edwards concludes. "Your challenge is to understand the channel intimately, and deliver copy that brings results. Keep it simple and strong, and you'll do well."

Adopting an email verification solution can make email marketing campaigns even more effective, reducing the number of undeliverable messages and duplications that get sent out. Having a record of customers' buying histories and communication preferences adds a level of service that shows the company has an interest in its clients' wants and needs.