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Email can be used in conjunction with direct mail campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Sustained email marketing can be used to compliment direct mail campaigns to help companies become recognized brands, it has been suggested.

Writing for DMNews, Greg Grdodian highlights the importance of sustained marketing to reinforce a particular message.

According to Mr Grdodian, the best way to do this is through a cross-channel campaign, as by using email alongside direct mail, ROI can significantly increase.

He offered US marketers five elements to consider before starting a product drive consisting of branding, timing, list data, content and analysis.

"Many marketers force the person to view their message through only one of the two most important channels," he wrote.

"That one-size-fits-all approach that leads to marketing oblivion can be avoided by direct mail in concert with e-mail."

Meanwhile, the importance of using good quality mailing lists was explained by an article by

It stated that the ability to target specific audience demographics was a key reason to invest in the lists, which can contain information such as address data or personal facts.

Posted by Richard Jones