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Email deliverability metrics jump with better contact data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Advertising budgets can go to waste if marketers' messages never make it to customers' mailboxes. To prevent envelopes and emails from bouncing back, companies should stick to best practices that uphold contact data quality

1. Build better customer lists
While some marketing teams have contact lists on file, others may need to build fresh inventories for current campaigns, according to Business 2 Community. If it's time to start over, marketers can quickly and effectively create a strong database by offering attractive content, such as newsletters, promotional offers or exclusive content in exchange for email or physical addresses. Then, they can use an address management system to verify each entry. 

2. Quit clinging on 
Although it might seem counterintuitive to reduce the number of names on a contact list, it's sometimes best for marketers to give customers the choice to opt-out. This can weed out recipients who are not opening emails or following through with calls-to-action, which can damage campaign metrics and sender scores, according to Marketing Profs. 

3. Clean databases often
Marketers may not know it, but data has an expiration date and can quickly go bad. Customers move often, change their names and open new email accounts. If businesses aren't in the practice of regularly cleansing their contact lists to remove these entries, they may be spending time and money to send content that won't generate any ROI.