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Email delivery rates can signal data quality problems

Richard Jones Archive

There may be more to successful marketing campaigns than companies think. They need to have all four of the essential parts that Entrepreneur Magazine lists, including a great subject line, an informative and personal opening line, a concise body and a call to action at the end. However, some marketing campaigns generate disappointing results even when all of these elements are finely crafted, because a company has bad information in its database. 

If marketing teams see low delivery rates after launching a campaign, they may want to run their contact lists through an email verification process, according to Information Management. Bounce rates and high volumes of returned emails are indicators of underlying issues.

When data is contaminated, users need to implement address management programs and other quality measures at the first point of entry, the source adds. It's easier to filter out bad information when it's first entered than to track it further down the funnel and make changes. 

Double opt-ins are one way to make sure the information that goes in is accurate. These programs require customers to enter their email addresses, names and other contact data twice in a row or wait to complete the second step after receiving a confirmation email.