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Email list management can lead to more customers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Sending emails to your existing customers is a great way to keep in contact, to alert them to new deals and discounts and make sure they don't forget about your presence. But the only way to grow the business and increase sales is through managing and expanding your email lists.

"Even with the growth of social channels, email is one of the most effective marketing channels," Bertrand Van Overschelde writes for Target Marketing magazine, citing Direct Marketing Association research that found every $1 spent on email provides a return of approximately $40.56. "With such proven results, it's no surprise marketers are under ongoing pressure to increase the size of their opt-in email lists."

Van Overschelde explains that companies need to work to not only add new email addresses to their lists, but also prevent the people who are in the database from unsubscribing.

As you add emails, consider adopting an email address verification solution that can help you clean up records and avoid accidentally sending multiple messages to individuals who have more than one listing in your file.