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Email list TLC is essential

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When companies use email marketing for business-to-business needs, it is essential to keep contact lists up to date.

Neil Berman, president of Delivra, said that while it is easy to tell when staff are tired and in need of a vacation, it can be more tricky to say the same of an email list.

Writing for, he explained that there are three easy ways for companies to tell when their email list is in need of rejuvenation.

Typically, if open rates drop over a period of a few months, it may indicate that a list needs attention.

Similarly, an increase in unsubscribes from email lists and dwindling engagement figures should also ring alarm bells, Mr Berman said.

"There are several things you can do if you find that lists are in need of a refresh. You can attempt to re-engage members who appear to have lost interest by sending them special offers or other incentives that aren't offered to more engaged members," he suggested to those which use email marketing for business-to-business purposes.

Chris Dawson, the owner of an eCommerce company and online sales consultant, writing for Tamebay also suggested that social media can increase the impact of marketing.

Posted by Paul Newton