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Email lists can play an 'important' role in marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online marketers have been advised that up-to-date customer email lists can play an important role in improving sales and driving business growth.

Industry expert Bill Kaplan, chief executive officer of FreshAddress, has highlighted the importance of keeping consumer contact details current.

Writing for DM News, Mr Kaplan explained that it is important for organizations to reconnect with former customers "who already know and like your products and services".

However, with the typical e-mail list seeing an annual attrition rate of around 30 per cent, it is important to constantly stay in contact and update any changes immediately.

"Of course, you still need to convert this former customer into a current customer. But as any marketer knows, it's a lot cheaper and easier to reactivate a former customer than it is to educate and sell a new onlooker who's surfing the web looking for the best price," he said.

Meanwhile, Carissa Newton, director of marketing at Delivra, recently claimed on that social media platforms can be effective in email marketing because of their viral nature.

Posted by Richard Jones