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Email marketers face 'stiff competition'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketers have been reminded about the tough competition they face to get their message heard in an increasingly competitive environment.

The medium's cost effective nature and relatively high return on investment mean that a growing number of companies are looking to take advantage of it as a customer communication method.

A report from Fresh Business Thinking claims that segmentation, personalization and testing are the three most important factors for any email marketers.

"In a world where we are bombarded day after day with messaging from all corners - email, phone, SMS, Facebook and much more, your solitary email has to fight really hard to have a chance of standing out from the ever growing crowd," the article said.

The comments follow a report from that suggested marketing directors should increase their focus on social media following a recent report.

Social media sites are "indispensible" for offering customer support and driving revenue, it said.

Posted by Richard Jones