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Email marketers fret over data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Managing a list of consumer contacts for email marketing is a delicate art. Sellers do not want to inundate their customers with mail but also realize that not using it enough makes it less valuable. On top of that, issues like the composition of the list itself can conspire to cause problems. Business 2 Community contributor Margaret Spencer recently listed several issues that marketers must resolve for peace of mind.

Spencer noted that databases often run into data quality problems. This issue is massive in scale, with the source explaining that some lists are almost one-third useless. The process of cleaning the data may seem like an extra added step in marketing, but maximizing campaign efficiency could hinge on address quality.

According to Spencer, companies also need to make sure lists are split into sensible groupings. Not every message is right for every customer, especially in a well-targeted campaign that directly speaks to subscriber interests.

Email marketing is largely about leading customers through the steps that lead to a purchase. IMedia Connection contributor Christopher Marriott explained that this means staying ahead of consumer behavior. Once they do what the email was designed to make them do, the company must have a next step ready for users to take.