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Email marketers offered 'tips for success'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing professionals hoping to make the most out of their email communications with customers have been told to stick to three simple rules for the greatest success.

According to a post on the Market Scan website, the ever-changing media environment means that it can be easy for marketers to forget about the fundamentals that make email such an effective medium.

As such, the news provider has provided three basic ground-rules which should be followed at all times.

Content needs to be held in the highest regard, with copy essentially the basis of any message that marketers are trying to put across.

"One symptom of having so many gadgets and gizmos at our fingertips is that we’re often in danger of going overboard on design," the article noted.

Businesses are also reminded of the importance of keeping track of campaigns in order to determine what is working and what needs to be changed in future campaigns.

Finally, the news provider highlights the need for marketers to constantly plan ahead to effectively manage the "peaks and troughs" of the business and target marketing budgets better.

Posted by Paul Newman