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Email marketers should shift to mobile

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Professionals working in the email marketing industry should respond to the shift in focus towards mobile, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Marketing Pilgrim website, industry commentator Frank Reed has highlighted the need for marketers to respond to the growing uptake of smartphones and email on the go.

"Marketers do have to pay very close attention, however, to who uses e-mail, in what environment and when in order to remain effective. With that in mind the shift to mobile is going to be the point where marketers experience a make or break moment of sorts," he wrote.

As such, Mr Reed suggested that marketers take a look at their current practices and decide whether their customers' smartphone usage warrants a switch in focus to mobile correspondence.

Meanwhile, businesses utilizing email marketing may also want to consider how data and timing can aid the success of a campaign.

Speaking to DM News, Joel Book, principal of marketing research and education at ExactTarget, has claimed that this year companies will spend even more money than previously on email marketing in an effort to "attract, engage and retain" consumers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler