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Email marketers struggle with data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality is set to take on a more prominent role in the field of email marketing, it has been suggested.

The latest Econsultancy's Email Marketing Census 2011 has noted that 26 per cent of respondents see list/data quality as a key area of focus for their work this year.

It received the third-highest response, behind segmentation on 32 per cent and delivering relevant communications on 29 per cent.

The investigation follows research from marketing agency Rocket which found that email marketing is considered to be more effective than social media at increasing sales and building brand loyalty.

List quality was also found to be one of the most significant barriers to the effective use of email by 55 per cent of companies surveyed. 50 per cent feel lack of strategy is a significant problem while 49 per cent cite lack of segmentation.

Econsultancy revealed that it interviewed around 900 email marketers for the study results.

Posted by Richard Jones