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Email marketers unlock new data sources

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Since the dawn of the online age, marketers have seen the potential of email to get their messages out. New technology for communication has appeared to complement email but has never quite replaced it. According to BtoB Online contributor Paul Turnbull, social media can help email marketers.

According to Turnbull, email marketing and social media outreach are connected to one another in several important ways. He stated that social media hooks within email campaigns can improve engagement. He also stated that social outreach could be an excellent way to add more consumer contact information to a company's lists.

Unfortunately, many sources of contact information could mean inconsistent data quality. Companies with address verification software are better equipped than their peers to make sure lists are consistent. Taking new data in is valuable, but its importance diminishes significantly if a large portion of that information is captured or stored in a way that makes it unusable.

Once companies boost their email lists with an infusion of new, high-quality data, they can begin to pursue new, advanced emailing tactics. Business 2 Community contributor Kevin Jorgensen suggested that firms begin to think of phone users when formatting messages. He explained that more than three in four smartphone users read email on their devices.