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Email marketers urged to 'go mobile'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As technological updates continue to make inroads into the way marketers complete their day-to-day jobs, professionals have been told to ensure email correspondence works on mobile platforms.

Writing for GoMo News, industry commentator Cian O'Sullivan has explained that the explosion of smartphones onto the mass market has given people the opportunity to check their mail on the go.

As such, email marketers must ensure that they are able to tailor their messages appropriately.

"If you're in retail or financial services, for example, around 20 per cent of mobile owners will open an email from you on their device – so you should probably make sure that your email ads are mobile-friendly," Ms O'Sullivan noted.

"Mobile email is a vast market, and getting bigger. Contextual formatting is a must – if you’ve gone to the effort of targeting an ad unit, it's a complete waste if it can't be viewed by 20 per cent of your audience."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler