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Email marketing campaigns 'must be accessible' to everyone

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of making email marketing campaigns as accessible to everyone as possible has been highlighted by one expert.

Willis Wee, founder of the tech business blog Penn Olson, has urged organizations not to overlook best practice guidelines and to ensure they make their marketing campaigns "shareable".

"A previous report revealed that inserting social media buttons in emails could significantly improve a campaign's result," he said. "In fact, the more buttons an email has, the higher the click-through rate."

Indeed, Mr Wee also noted the fact that email remains an important news-sharing tool and should therefore be utilized effectively as one, with it used to convey promotional activity and other business-related issues.

Meanwhile, online retailers in the US have been told that utilizing address verification technology can help them gain an "edge" over their competitors, as well as improving their levels of customer service.

According to the results of a new study by Experian QAS, those organizations that chose to use address verification software are able to enjoy a number of benefits over their competitors.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler