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Email marketing can be used to 'build relationships'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers may be tempted to implement email marketing initiatives following the recent comments of one industry expert.

Speaking to DM News, Alec Casey, head of circulation at Bloomberg, explained that online surveys sent to customers are a great way to help professionals round out customer relationship management strategies and measure progress.

"The days of sending paper surveys in the mail are gone," Mr Casey said. "We find email surveys a reliable gauge in terms of what might work longer term with a broader consumer audience."

He added that email surveys are useful to gain a better understanding of an organization's customers and the promotions and incentives that are most likely to help build a larger customer base.

However, Mr Casey said that marketers need to remember that it is not just about the information gained but the relationships being formed.

"Sometimes to get focused on the answers, you are building a community when you do this," he added.

Posted by Paul Newman