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Email marketing deliverability 'not thoroughly audited'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The deliverability of email marketing is audited far too infrequently, an industry expert asserts.

Ryan Deutsch, vice president for strategic services and market development at StrongMail, tells that he has asked audiences whether they examine their deliverability figures but found few have done so.

Describing the situation of a retailer sending 2.8 million messages a month, with an average order of $89, he says they could improve overall revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars by achieving a ten per cent boost in deliverability.

"Auditing financial statements and email marketing stats takes some time and investment, but only by understanding the numbers can marketers take action to enhance program effectiveness and overall ROI [return on investment]," Mr Deutsch asserts.

He tells the news provider that consumers who provide their details through multiple means are more likely to spend more.

Mr Deutsch has 21 years of experience in direct marketing and has worked in the catalog, retail and publishing sectors.

Technology such as email address validation software can assist organizations in improving email marketing deliverability and conducting Deutsch's suggested audits.