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Email marketing has 'green benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing professionals have been reminded of the environmentally-friendly benefits of sending emails.

Writing on the blog, Randall Davidson, of Greener World Media, has explained that since small businesses employ over 52 per cent of working Americans it makes sense that they also contribute a "substantial portion" of the world's waste.

As such, the expert gave a number of tips on how organizations could market themselves in a more sustainable manner.

"Not only will you save money by switching to an email marketing service, but you'll also do far less damage to the environment," he said. "Even better from a business standpoint is that email marketing provides huge insights into how your marketing efforts are being received that printed flyers cannot."

Mr Davidson explained that by utilizing email marketing services, businesses can gather information on open rates and click-throughs.

Furthermore, the expert suggested that companies that allow their customers to opt-in to mailing lists will generally have a higher success rate than those that rent lists, as customers will be more receptive to offers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler