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Email marketing metrics show importance of focus

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to a recently released study of email marketing tactics, it is important to specialize content by group within a mailing list. The survey, issued by software company Silverpop, found a sharp division between the best and worst companies in the email marketing sector, confirming that good content can significantly affect click-through and open rate.

"Companies that focus on helping recipients by providing behavior-based content that is meaningful, personal and relevant rather than just firing off one-size-fits-all promotions are far more likely to find themselves in the top quartile," said Silverpop industry relations vice president Loren McDonald.

Targeted content requires knowledge of customers. If data has been incorrectly sorted or entered, the process can negate the value gained by adding specifically tailored copy. Data quality tools such as email address verification can help companies become more adept at reaching their target markets and secure all-important clicks and views.

Business Insider recently issued a list of practices that can help companies positively change their email marketing approaches. The source stated that companies should maintain their send lists constantly, as firms that send mass mailings to dead addresses are often labeled by service providers as spammers.