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Email marketing 'most effective' way of unlocking revenue

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Email marketing is the most effective means of unlocking the revenue potential found in businesses' databases, it has been suggested.

Writing for, Jamie Gledhill, managing director of Emailmovers, has claimed that having regular and constructive communication with customers and clients is the best way to achieve this.

As such, the expert recommends that marketing departments take advantage of email appending before launching a campaign.

Email verification involves adding the correct corresponding personalized addresses to the information already held in companies' databases, the news provider explained.

"This process cleanses and enhances your database by validating the existence of any email addresses you currently hold, corrects any bad ones and adds or appends any new working email addresses where they are missing," Mr Gledhill said.

He explained that this can then turn businesses' contact lists into a "powerful tool" that can enable traditional and digital communication with your target market.

Posted by Paul Newman