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Email marketing moving to cross-channel initiatives

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Although email address management has been a challenging component of digital marketing programs in the last several years, it will likely become even more difficult for companies in the coming years due to the proliferation of endpoints. Rather than solely using a desktop to access email, individuals are now using a variety of mobile devices to do so, as well as leveraging social media tools for messaging purposes.

A report by eMarketer recently highlighted this occurrence, noting that the proliferation of smartphones and tablets will have a significant impact on traditional email marketing strategies. This is largely because companies need to render resources differently when sending emails to a mobile device, as the touchscreen and smaller displays may impact the functionality of the original content.

Currently, businesses are integrating a broad range of solutions into their email marketing initiatives, including mobile, direct mail and social media, eMarketer noted. This suggests that using address verification software is more critical than ever.

A separate MarketingProfs report said this cross-channel approach to email marketing is critical to long-term success in today's highly digital consumer landscape. By planning ahead and prioritizing data quality, decision-makers can ensure advertising projects provide the most benefits possible.