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Email marketing needs to be a continuous process

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing for business to business purposes needs to be a continual process, it has been claimed.

Matt Eve, owner of and author of The Essential Guide to Small Business Online Marketing, said that too many businesses approach marketing in a start-stop manner.

"Marketing needs to be a continual process and not something that you start and stop. Often I see people that suddenly realise 'I haven't got any orders or clients next week so I will do some marketing' - and then they get busy and they think 'oh I'm too busy, I will stop my marketing'," he explained.

However, Mr Eve claimed that marketing, including email marketing for business to business purposes, does not have a 'one size fits all' strategy, so organizations need to assess their own needs.

Recently, Craig Wax, the chief executive officer of Invodo, writing for, claimed that video content is the jewel in the crown of email marketing.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler