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Email marketing needs to personalize content

Paul Newman Archive

Despite the proliferation of more advanced technologies, email marketing will continue to play an important role in the development of the private sector, as it enables retailers to reach customers virtually anywhere. If these types of advertising campaigns are to remain relevant, however, the tools need to evolve.

A recent Econsultancy report said marketers should prioritize data quality so they can develop time-sensitive promotional content. Companies should be able to know where consumers are and what time it is at their location. This insight would allow decision-makers to launch more personalized ads that would be more appealing than general strategies.

Email marketing will also need to address cross-platform challenges, as individuals today are accessing the web from a variety of devices, the news source noted. When the fact that customers will likely be using personal smartphones or tablets to access online resources is taken into account, executives can develop content that is more compatible with small touch screens.

Many experts believe email marketing will continue to gain momentum in today's mobile era, as advanced gadgets enable individuals to access email at any time. By capturing and analyzing data, decision-makers can be sure their advertising initiatives are personalized to make the consumer experience more satisfying.