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Email marketing needs to 'push the product'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations which use email marketing for business to business purposes have been warned against wandering off topic when designing content.

Digital marketing expert Tom Albrighton, writing for, said that sometimes digital marketing can create a digital vacuum, where the product or service is so far removed from the promotions that it is hard to decipher how they tally.

He explained that the way to get the most out of email marketing for business to business purposes is to stop using marketing like a "commercial swiss army knife" and instead focus on the service or output on offer.

"The key is to hit the right people with the right message about the right product. Marketing can't improve or transform a bad product – but if the product has something to offer, marketing should focus on communicating it as powerfully as possible. Otherwise it isn't really marketing," Mr Albrighton said.

Neil Berman, president of Delivra, recently added that it is essential for firms to keep their email marketing lists up to date, reported.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler