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Email marketing remains an ‘effective’ communication channel

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing remains one of the most effective customer communication channels available to organizations, it has been claimed.

Speaking to DM News, Oscar Padilla, director of interactive services at Vertis Communications, has highlighted the benefits that the medium possesses as long as businesses are able to appropriately tailor their campaigns.

Mr Padilla noted that it would be a mistake for organizations to abandon the medium in favor of new channels such as social media.

However, he added that in order for firms to see the full benefits of email marketing they need to ensure that their strategies keep up with what customers want and expect.?

"For email to remain a viable channel, marketing data should be strategically applied to enhance personalization, thus increasing your performance metrics," he told the news provider.

In addition, the expert said that integrating email lists into a larger multichannel campaign is likely to provide businesses with the most effective strategy.

The comments follow the results of a recent survey which suggested that customers are prepared to pay a premium for brands which they believe offer them a better customer experience.

Posted by Richard Jones