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Email marketing requires deep planning

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Sending email to reach consumers is still the preferred method for many companies, and it will likely remain that way for some time to come. Email is widely used and can reach nearly any customer and sending messages is cheap. Ensuring that the process is done right and returns are optimal is somewhat more complicated. Several experts have weighed in on the subject in an attempt to help companies excel.

Business goals

Christopher Marriott, writing for iMedia Connection, recently challenged companies to track customers as they make their way through marketing materials, from the email to the next few pages. Sales leaders can track important information, seeing which types of offers elicit apositive reaction and which end up summarily ignored. He explained that the process of reaching out to a customer is complex and spans a variety of channels. Tracking engagement across all of those platforms could be a good way to improve a strategy and turn interest into money.

Marriott stressed that companies should have a hard and fast plan for converting audience interest into financial gain. Making the customer act on an offer is the objective in such cases. Firms should be ready to follow up on this, laying down different methods consumers can use to get to the end goal of completing the sale.

Collecting complex data on customer preferences could end up as a dead end if companies do not have a strong data management framework in place. Options like deduplication software can ensure systems do not contain splintered and fragmentary records for single shoppers and they can keep data quality high. Knowing a customer is high on the objective list for marketing firms, meaning workers want to gain an accurate and up-to-date portrait of shoppers, with a real reflection of demographic appeal. High-quality information can help in this regard.

Modern email variants

Though email has now been part of the public consciousness for well over a decade, the process of selling through the medium is far from stale. Business 2 Community recently noted that companies can integrate information gleaned from modern communication channels like social media to boost the email selling experience. Social media pages can contain the forms used to populate a newsletter mailing list. The source suggested putting sign-up features in a company's online community, then making the information in the emails part of the communication with those social users.