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Email marketing 'should form part of wider online strategy'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Companies that use email marketing to engage with consumers have been urged to integrate them into their overall online promotional strategy.

According to Kate Adamson, global branding and marketing strategist, emails are still a good way of relaying information to customers.

However, she said it can be a good idea to ensure this approach forms part of a firm's wider online program, possibly by publishing the newsletter on its website as well.

"Make sure you wring the last ounce of benefit from every marketing activity you undertake," Ms Adamson commented.

This, she stated, would ensure a business's marketing program ends up being "more valuable than the sum of its parts".

Ms Adamson added that companies should be wary of making promotional emails sound like an extended sales pitch and remember that establishing a loyal audience takes time and effort.

The expert recently said having a website is essential for small businesses, but stressed that any social media campaign needs to be done properly to deliver good results.

Posted by Richard Jones