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Email marketing steps explained

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies can have problems with systems they do not fully understand. During a long adoption process, however, it can be easy to lose track of the promised benefits and initial goals of a project. Business 2 Community contributor Zach Heller recently gave a quick rundown of the email marketing value cycle to keep companies on track. He described it as a series of battles.

The first thing companies must accomplish, according to Heller, is the assembly of a subscriber list. He suggested a unique and enticing offer for subscribers as the hook to get information. Next, firms must comply with anti-spamming laws and only send advertisements to customers expecting email messages. Early steps like this are where deduplication software and other data quality efforts can be important.

Heller extended the battle for email marketing success through to the actual website customers are redirected to after clicking through the message. This is where the sale is made, and he noted that actually sealing the deal here is the vital part, as revenue generated by advertising will dictate the future of these kinds of initiatives.

IMediaConnection contributor Christopher Marriott noted that marketers need to ask themselves how to keep customers engaged. When advertising targets move on to the next step, marketers must follow, offering new suggestions that carry the consumer through until the sale is made.