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Email marketing thrives with culled contacts

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing is not merely a blast of information to as many email addresses as possible. A carefully maintained list of names is a better tool than a large sprawl of possible contacts, according to Adotas contributor Zee Fakier. He noted that firms' email marketing campaigns will likely be more successful when they employ opt-in procedures and periodic removal of useless data.

Data quality efforts are central to the maintenance of a working marketing list, Fakier stated. He explained that opting out of messages should be easy for recipients. He also noted that using deduplication software can create a more effective grouping with higher purchase and response rates.

Fakier stated that companies can gain more benefits automatically cleansing email databases than going through the entries by hand. He quoted email marketing expert Barbara Ulmi, who stated that a clean and well-maintained series of email addresses is likely to reap stronger financial benefits than a wild system.

Email insider contributor Loren McDonald noted that email marketers should keep expectations muted at first. She noted that leaders may have hugely ambitious goals for targeted messages that are unattainable at first. She advocated letting a program run in a basic state, building experience and improving performance.