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Email verification ensures marketing efforts are successful

Paul Newman Archive

Marketers today face a common dilemma. They can build contact lists quickly and apply methods such as purchasing addresses or using single opt-ins to easily widen their reach for upcoming campaigns, according to Business 2 Community. Or, marketing teams can require double opt-ins and strengthen their databases with big data analytics and other emerging strategies that require time and resources. Investing in data quality tools such as address management systems might seem burdensome at first, but companies benefit in the long run, the source adds. 

Verifying email addresses at the point-of-entry not only improves the integrity of contact lists, but can also improve metrics such as open rates and inbox bounces, Business 2 Community explains. This process ensures that databases only contain the names and addresses of individuals who want to receive additional information and offers by confirming opt-ins with a follow-up message. Companies may find that engagement rates rise when they ask consumers to take that second step. 

Moreover, email verification ensures that marketing efforts pay off. Webinars may not be the hottest form of digital content, but they are effective ways to establish thought leadership and connect with prospects, reports ClickZ. They're affordable and create opportunities to build contact lists. After presentations are concluded and questions are answered, firms can send thank-you emails to attendees with further calls-to-action. However, these chances might be missed if contact data isn't confirmed.