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Email verification services can help marketing initiatives

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email has become a central aspect of many marketing campaigns in the past decade, yet its effectiveness has waxed and waned. Companies can continue to enjoy the effectiveness of this channel if they properly plan their communications and avoid overwhelming customers with too many emails or duplicates of the same message.

Hector Herrera writes for the Internet Affiliate Marketing blog that having the chance to directly communicate with consumers is one of the best aspects of email, and suggests that tools which organize these efforts - such as email validation software - can be a major asset for companies.

"An email direct marketing tool is favored because virtually everybody uses email," he writes. "One reason for the success of email marketing is that it is pretty inexpensive to develop, test and submit email messages."

Keeping track of how many people respond to a message and take further action can also be helpful for companies when it's time to assess which tactics should be used for future campaigns and which should be discarded.