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Emphasizing big data quality, not quantity

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Mobility, social media and other technologies that support information aggregation are fueling the big data phenomenon, forcing decision-makers to develop a plan associated with capturing, analyzing and using digital resources to their advantage. This can be rather difficult, however, as the assets being acquired vary in volume.

In the coming years, understanding big data will be essential to remaining competitive in the private sector, according to a Computerworld report.

"As the enterprise masters big data, it will become part of the enterprise solution architecture framework," said Soumendra Mohanty, analytics and big data specialist at Accenture.

Rather than focusing on the size of information being gathered, decision-makers should emphasize data quality, Mohanty said. In doing so, companies can be sure they only use accurate, consistent and relevant resources when trying to improve operations.

A CMO report also highlighted the importance of focusing on value generated through big data projects, not just quantity. By creating a clear strategy, organizations can ensure they collect high-quality information without being drowned in massive volumes.