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Employees are 'comfortable' with data theft

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Employees are much more willing to steal the information stored in records management systems than organizations may have thought.

New research by Harris Interactive of 3,400 employees in the US, UK and Australia found that a significant proportion of them would be happy to do something with their employer's or client's private data.

Just under a quarter of Americans would feel comfortable using private or sensitive information, compared to 29 per cent of Australians and a staggering 48 per cent of Brits.

One in ten of the US respondents even claimed they would forward electronic files on to non-employees.

However, just five per cent of Americans, and a similar number of Australians, said they would feel comfortable profiting from proprietary information by selling it on the internet, compared to 24 per cent of Brits.

In addition, US officials have recently warned that clones of the Stuxnet worm could be used to target critical infrastructure in the country.

Posted by Richard Jones