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Employees should be given 'data management' education

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Educating employees about the impacts of effective data management processes can provide businesses with a number of advantages.

Writing for the B-Eye Network, Kelle O'Neal explained that training staff helps them to understand that they are part of the "bigger picture" in an organization.

In addition, the industry commentator added that the employee education programs will lead to staff realizing their importance in terms of the success or failure of a business.

She said this is an important step in making sure that poor data management procedures do not negatively affect business performance.

"The impact to the business of improperly managing data includes possible fines associated with incorrect pricing models that result from incorrect, inaccurate and out-of-synch data," Ms O'Neal pointed out.

Indeed, a recent article on claimed that ensuring IT staff receives the correct level of training is an important factor in the implementation of data management solutions.

Posted by Richard Jones