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Encryption 'would bolster cloud security'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
IT managers considering implementing cloud computing might be interested to learn that using data encryption techniques could bolster cloud security.

James Turner, an analyst from IBRS, noted that encryption would instantly allow banks to outsource their mission-critical data and applications.

Mr Turner, who was reported by IT News as saying: "The introduction of encryption would add a whole new level of sophistication to the outsourcing model."

He added that certain cloud computing vendors would not be able to meet the challenge of implementing universal encryption.

Indeed, securing communications between a cloud vendor and the financial institution making use of their services presents a new set of issues for infrastructure experts.

The comments follow remarks from Francis de Souza, president of the Enterprise Security Group at Symantec, who suggested that encryption is key to securing cloud computing solutions.

This is especially relevant for firms that require multi-location access to their applications.