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Energy spent on data management a mystery to small firms

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Smaller companies often have little idea how much their data management processes cost them in terms of power usage.

Larger companies are beginning to understand thanks to the introduction of carbon targets, but in general smaller companies are still in the dark, according to Alan Beresford, managing director at

He reveals that when smaller companies find out how much energy goes into data management and other IT processes, most are "truly shocked" at the impact this has on their carbons footprints and operating costs.

The expert suggests that every company should keep a close eye on their data usage - which is surprisingly easy to do in a data center.

"You walk round a data center or server room with a clip meter - in about 20 minutes you know what's going on and it never changes. You haven't got people coming in turning things off and on - it's a fixed engine that's running all the time," he explained.

Posted by Paul Newton