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Enforcement is key to data governance success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses must ensure that they are open to suggestions from employees when implementing new data governance strategies, it has been claimed.

Writing for his OCDQ blog, expert Jim Harris has offered organizations advice on the most effective way to put the policies in place.

Mr Harris explained that the primary focus of data governance was the "strategic alignment of people throughout the organization", through policies relating to data access, data sharing, data quality and data use.

However, the expert went on to note that "without enforcement, data governance policies are powerless to affect the real changes necessary".

Furthermore, he advised managers to communicate with employees in a clear and natural way, taking in any feedback they may offer.

Earlier this year, ITWeb reported the Data Governance Institute as claiming that issues surrounding governance should be afforded a great deal of importance if businesses wanted to avoid data leaks.

The news provider said that responsibility for monitoring data systems is a company-wide one.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler