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Engage with consumers, marketers told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses hoping to utilize social media in their customer communications have been reminded of the importance of engaging with consumers.

As Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in popularity and start to play an ever-increasingly important role in the customer experience, it is important that organizations fully comprehend how the mediums work.

"Gone are the days when customer comments or complaints were limited to product or service reviews on their website," an article for noted.

Indeed, according to the news provider, as soon as companies learn what their customers are saying about them it’s important to proactively interact with them.

"With social media's reach extending even further into the customer experience, companies and brands need to ensure that their service and support are up to par," it added.

Elsewhere, the importance of including social networking in a modern marketing strategy has been highlighted by one commentator writing for the site.

Yoav Tchelet noted that organizations must not underestimate the relevance of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Posted by Richard Jones