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Engaging content the focus for online marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Internet retailers using address verification software need to concentrate their marketing campaigns on creating exciting content, it is claimed.

According to branding and media specialist Kate Adamson, holding a presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is important, but it is the quality of the content that really engages customers with the brand.

Furthermore, tailoring the quality content to the particular media channel used is, Ms Adamson suggests, the key to success with online marketing.

The main challenge for retailers is to incorporate company values into exciting content. Ms Admson explains: "If you can understand your customer well enough to do that then the likelihood is you'll also have worked out where to find them, whether that's Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter."

It was recently claimed by eMarketer analyst Kimeberly Maul that Facebook is still the top social network for marketing opportunities, with firms realizing that a presence on the site is essential.

Posted by Richard Jones