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EPA made shortcuts on data quality, says VA attorney general

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been accused of shortcutting its own procedures on data quality in a report on climate change.

EPA inspector general Arthur A Elkins Jr produced a report last week that admitted the organization failed to rigorously review the data it used to determine that greenhouse gas emissions are harmful to humans.

His report then revealed that steps are being taken to enforce data quality standards at the EPA.

However, Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli says that the EPA has failed to follow the standards it sets for data usage, calling into question the validity of the research.

"We [the State of Virginia] have stressed that our challenge was a legal one - designed to demonstrate that the regulations the EPA was attempting to force upon the country were the result of shortcutting proper procedures and the law," said Mr Cuccinelli.

He insists that the Data Quality Act was put in place to ensure that such important claims are beyond dispute, and the guidelines have not been followed.

Posted by Paul Newton