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Event spotlight: Salesforce Connections 2019

The world of Salesforce is amazing. They emphasized user experience throughout the entirety of the Connections 2019 conference in direct and indirect ways. For example, they spread their message about sustainability through the reusable water bottles and refillable water stations they provided. It came together well, but the heart of the conference was the community. The world of Salesforce users, partners, and prospects are obsessed with the need for a seamless user experience. An innovation user experience can resonate with every aspect of your life–from party planning and healthcare to your financial future.

Three distinct business units from Experian represented Experian’s unique value proposition within the Salesforce ecosystem. The primary focus of the show was the business-to-consumer market (B2C); however, there were still some organizations that were business-to-business (B2B) based. To satisfy the needs of the B2B attendees, the team at our booth discussed BIS’s Fusion IQ for Salesforce application. Fusion IQ allows users to assess the risk of both customers and prospects. The discussions were well-received and both B2C and B2B customers were excited to learn about this offering from Experian.

Other attendees wanted to learn about their direct customers in a B2C environment. They were interested in learning more about the customer segmentations offered via the powerful ConsumerView file. The use cases discussed were around understanding their clients in a more holistic way to drive deeper engagement and loyalty to their brand. Attendees have wanted to use Salesforce Cloud to better understand their customer segments for a long time. Now via Experian Marketing Services, Salesforce and Experian can deliver segmentation information right within their customers’ Sales, Service, or Marketing Cloud.

Finally, others popped by our booth to talk about data quality. Of course, we had plenty to discuss around the challenges that Salesforce customers were experiencing with their platforms and beyond. Thanks to a shout out from Green Sky in their session that discussed AppExchange offerings, many attendees learned about the capabilities that can be captured and fixed at the point of entry. Experian Data Quality allows for clients to validate and flag addresses, emails, and phone numbers in the Sales, Service, and Commerce Cloud.

The conference attendees stopping by were intrigued by the flexibility of the EDQ offerings. They were curious about whether the offerings could match their own unique deployments, whether it’s with how we roll out to users or whether they are to reach any of the 240 countries that we cover via address validation. EDQ also discussed a new use case around operational data quality that can reduce the deduplication efforts that affect Salesforce’s ability to make a match. Thanks to new successes with a handful of customers, it was great to learn that the positive experiences exceeded a few outliers and can assist many more companies.

Beyond the giddiness of seeing Gwen Stefani from the front row as a group, the message of an encompassing Experian solution truly resonated between the different business units represented at the conference as well as the customers and prospects that we met over the few days in Chicago. The “One Experian” approach almost feels aspirational at times, but attending an event as massive as Salesforce can transform aspirations into reality.

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