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Ever wonder why data quality matters for marketing?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Having access to customer lists is essential to marketers' efforts to appeal directly to the consumer. However, without email validation and other processes that ensure contact data quality, these campaigns could end up falling short of expectations with disappointing response rates.

For his blog, Henrik Liliendahl Sorensen, a data quality and master data management professional, recently created a list of some of the business and marketing reasons a company should address its data quality issues. For instance, having the same email address in multiple entries can result in one person receiving an offer two times or more. This looks like spam, Sorensen says, and "has more offending than selling power."

When creating email campaigns, it is also necessary to keep in mind what kinds of devices your customers will use to read your messages. Alison Treadaway, a managing director at paperless communication firm Striata, notes that there are several steps marketers can take to ensure their emails are being opened and acted upon by mobile users.

"Remember that mobile interactions happen in the 'now' and on the move, unlike other communication media that are fixed and allow for extensive content and complex creative elements," Treadaway comments in a company news post. "Mobile delivers short bursts of information for an audience that is distracted and busy. People don't spend long periods reading email on mobile devices; instead they skim, so ensure the key message is immediately obvious."

She advises that businesses try to make their subject lines in emails shorter than 15 characters in order to be quickly read on smartphones' small screens. Additionally, cut back on graphics in order to reduce the time it takes to download the message.

Treadaway also suggests that companies keep links spread apart from each other and easy to click, and notes that embedding images can be a bad idea, since they may not show up on all mobile devices.

Additionally, make sure that any web pages you link to are also optimized for mobile viewing. Consumers are less likely to read a page if they have to constantly scroll across the screen.

Combined with data quality efforts, following these steps can lead to a higher ROI on your email marketing campaign. If you target customers with marketing messages and make sure they are able to easily access the information, they may be more likely to act on your promotional offer.