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EveryBlock goes under new ownership

Rachel Wheeler Archive
EveryBlock, a website run from Chicago that provides access to local news stories in 15 cities around the US, has been bought by

The website users zip code software to provide users with all levels of news down to local streets and neighborhoods in cities including Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Stories featured on the website are updated on a continuous basis and take a wide variety of forms, including blogs, photos and civic data. has said the site will remain independently branded, despite the takeover.

Charlie Tillinghast, president, praised the website: "They've broken new ground with their unique approach to collecting, organizing and presenting news down to the block level. Their impact and importance in the community space is extremely valuable and carries promise for journalism and new business models."

The EveryBlock team is just five-strong and will continue to operate from Chicago.

In other news, modern computerized postal centers may be installed in Orange County, California, as an eventual replacement for traditional stamp vending machines that are being phased out of circulation, reports the OC Register.