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Excise bills sent to wrong addresses, residents fined

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Around 600 residents in Massachusetts have been hit with late payment fines after excise bills were sent to bad addresses by the town treasurer.

According to the Daily News, town administrator Jeffrey Nutting attributes the problem to a mailing error by the US Postal Service (USPS).

He added that although his staff mailed the bills in February, people in the region have no recollection of receiving them and he believes they are telling the truth as so many people are reporting the same story.

Christine Dugas, spokeswoman for the postal service's southeast New England district, told the news provider: "We've checked all of our systems, all of our equipment and facilities, and we have not found a glitch. We don't really have an answer as to what happened."

Earlier this month, AZ Central reported that the USPS is to switch zip codes that start with 852 to 851 in areas of Pinal County, Queen Creek, and some areas of Maricopa County in Arizona from July 1st, a move that local firms believe will cost them financially.