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Experian announces partnership with Ubuntu Education Fund investing in education within South Africa

Today, Experian has announced their partnership with the Ubuntu Education Fund. A non-profit organization with a simple, all –encompassing, yet radical mission: to help raise South African township children by providing them with what all children deserve – everything.

Experian’s partnership comes out of a mission of our own: a commitment to investing in the infrastructure of the developing nations in which we operate.

There is no greater example of this than in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It’s an area that sees unemployment hover at 40%, with youth unemployment at 50%; a major contributor to a country that has over 7.4 million people unemployed.

The unemployment epidemic is strongly correlated to the access children have to quality education and essential school supplies which support their learning environment. This access in Port Elizabeth is still largely restricted because of the struggle to recuperate from apartheid rule.

The Ubuntu Education Fund has succinctly described the issue in their mission statement:

“[early childhood]… is a critical stage during which dramatic changes in sensory, motor, and language capabilities occur. Malnutrition, parental illiteracy, and a range of additional poverty-related factors can have lasting, irreversible developmental consequences. Interventions during the first five years have a profound impact on children’s lives, preventing many of the academic obstacles that they would otherwise face later on in life.”

By focusing on early childhood development, Ubuntu has created a scalable and proven model; Cradle to Career. This innovative model has proven that their graduates will contribute over $195,000 to society in their lifetime while a non-Ubuntu client will cost society $9,000.

In recognition of this Experian has donated $15,000 as an initial grant to supply the children of Port Elizabeth with the essential school supplies they need be successful in their early childhood development.

Beyond this initial donation, Experian Data Quality, a business unit of Experian donated $25,000 to send 5 employees to Port Elizabeth South Africa to witness the value of investing in the education system. Our goal is to reform employees’ perception of the education system in South Africa; challenging them to become proactive and strive for social change. Our goal is not only to inspire the employees but most importantly spread awareness – to demonstrate to multi-national organizations that education is and will always be the keystone to a safe and prosperous society.

If you are interested in contributing to the Ubuntu Education Fund you can find more information here.